Black bituminous coal on fire

Company History

White River Coal Sales, Inc. is a privately-owned company based in Lexington, Kentucky that was founded nearly 30 years ago. Throughout our history, we have been committed to the supply and delivery of premium coal through all major railroads, barge lines, and trucking to our customers across the globe.

Our Approach

Our Story

Founder's History

Steve MacNeil has over three decades of experience in the coal and energy industry. He began his career working in the coal mines of southern Virginia while attending college. He joined Coastal in 1980, where he quickly moved into management as Vice President of Coal Sales. Steve joined Island Creek in 1989 as Director of Metallurgical and Export Coal. In 1993, with his market knowledge and commercial reputation, Steve formed his own company, White River Coal Sales, Inc.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Business Science in Mining Engineering from the University of Virginia Tech.